Kale Havacılık Sanayi A.Ş.

+90 (216) 581 40 00

İstanbul Endüstri ve Ticaret Serbest Bölgesi No:117/ 1-2-3 Aydınlı, Tuzla/ İstanbul

Corporate Mission
It is our main target and interest to add value to whom we work with by manufacturing industrial and technological products of high quality levels.
Kurumsal Vizyon
KaleHavacılık'ın temel hedefi ileri teknoloji gerektiren ve katmadeğeri yüksek havacılık sistemleri geliştiren ve üreten bir organizasyon olmaktır.
Corporate Vision
As Kale Aero, we compete with the worldwide foremost companies in defence and aerospace sector, to be within the group of companies forming the leadership of technological developments, go beyond the customer requirements and expectations and keep skilled workforce available in our organization.
Kurumsal Vizyon
KaleHavacılıık olarak yerel ve global havacılık ve savunma şirketleri ile yarışır; Kale Grubu şirketleri ile işbirliği içinde ve sürekli iyileştirme yaklaşımıyla ve yetkin ve uzman insan gücünü bünyemizde tutarak müşteri beklentilerini yakalar ve aşarız.
KALE is a leading provider of structural components, assemblies and kits to the aerospace industry. We specialize in the fabrication of complex sheet metal, machined components, and composites for commercial, corporate, and military aircraft. Offering engineering collaboration, machining, sheet metal, assembly, heat treatment and surface treatment services makes KALE the ideal single-source supplier.
KALE HAVACILIK Sanayi AŞ. is a Kale Group company
- Kale Group was established in 1957.
- MAIN ACTIVITY AREAS : Ceramics, chemicals , mining , transportation, energy, software, robotics, nd Aerospace KALE HAVACILIK was established in 1969 under name of Kalekalip Makina ve Kalıp Sanayii and lying under Kale Technical & Chemical Group with 3 main activity areas;
- Aerospace
- Tools & Fixtures.
In early 2007 Kale Group established a new facility in Tuzla, Istanbul and moved Aerospace business to this facility under the name of KALE HAVACILIK AŞ, which will be mentioned as KALE Aerospace. Kale Aerospace was operational in 2008 to serve in aerospace industry, and supported most military and commercial aircraft programs through the years. From the beginnings KALE has been innovative in its approach to manufacturing. Starting from 2012 KALE added capabilities in sheet metal including Hydroforming, Stretch forming and Structural Assemblies. Today KALE offers engineering, surface treatment, assembly, kitting as well as component manufacturing. KALE is operating in a Free-Trade Zone and continues to grow in size and capability.