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HUKD (ACA) is a member of SASAD

The Defense Industry Manufacturers Association, also known as SaSaD, was established in Ankara in 1990 with the initiative and support of the Ministry of National Defense. At the beginning of 2012, manufacturers in the field of civil aviation and space joined the association and the name of the association was renamed as DEFENSE AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION.



Meeting the expectations of its members at the highest level; Being the strong voice of the Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry…


Our Goal

As the voice and advocate of the Turkish Defense and Aviation Industry in domestic and international platforms;

  • To contribute to the formation of an industry that can compete internationally and minimize the foreign dependency of our country in the field of defense and security,

  • To coordinate with the needs and supply of the authorities,

  • To provide platforms that will strengthen cooperation and create synergy among the stakeholders of the sector,

  • To create solutions to the demands and expectations of its members and to benefit them

are the reasons of our association's existence.


SaSaD, which started to work with 12 founding members at the beginning, has 122 members as of 2020 and additionally 80 sector players who are in the SaSaD communication network and have the right to participate in association activities.


For further information you can reach SASAD web site via link below.

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