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 Chairman Message 



Aviation and Space Cluster Association

Chairman of the Board

Dear Members, Distinguished Representatives of the Industry and our Stakeholders,


Since its establishment in 2010, having a steady growth over the years, and without compromising its goals and values, Aerospace Custer Association – ACA has been working for the development of national aerospace and defense industry by using all the necessary national and international tools to foster the needs of the industry players including the SME’s and as well as the research institutions.


In this respect, our cluster has created national and international projects for its members for the global integration in manufacturing, design and R&D of Turkish Aviation, Space and Defense industry in the past, supported projects to foster the networking and information exchange within the cluster and with national institutions and created best practices by increasing the cooperation with the international clusters. It is obvious that we will also continue our ongoing support for the training and education of qualified technical experts for the industry. 


In addition to all, our cluster, by closely following the nationalization efforts of our industry supporting high added value domestic investment and activities in support of the efficient use of resources along with its efforts to encourage foreign investment, will follow global developments closely and by establishing close contacts with the leading OEM’s in the aviation industry will provide guidance and information to our companies for the timely steps to be taken.


We plan to continue our activities uninterruptedly within the framework of our vision, in line with the goals and objectives of Under secretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), we aim to produce projects that will create high added value by supporting our SME’s in Izmir and the region to take place in defense and aviation sectors as well as facilitating work to increase the cooperation between universities and the industry. On the other hand, in order to provide a better service to our members and in realizing our goals stated in our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, we will encourage gaining new members to ACA and increase our ongoing relations with all stakeholders and with the governmental entities.


Founded on the principles of voluntariness and brought to the present day with dedicated work of all our members and with the superior and dedicated efforts of the valuable Chairman and founding President of our Cluster Prof. Semih Güneş, our mission in the future is to develop Aerospace Cluster Association (ACA) as a Non-Governmental Organization who will support reaching the technological level targeted by our country in aerospace, space and defense universe.


I would like to thank once again to all our members and stakeholders who have contributed to this great work.



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