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Sky 4.0-Erasmus + Projects continues at its full speed

Sky 4.0 -Erasmus+ projects which is our 3. European Union Erasmus+ Project started on December 1st, 2018 is currently ongoing. The overall objective of the project is to equip educational institutions (vocational, technical and academic) to adapt their training programs to future company needs and to create “Industry 4.0 skills set for Aviation and Space”. To this end, the project aims at a better alignment between educational institutions in the aviation industry and jobs in the industry. The Project team includes clusters from Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Poland as well as training institutes and HR companies.

Target groups of the project:

a. Companies and their employees

b. Educators and Vocational Education providers

c. Secondary education students and technical colleges.

D. Human resources teams and team managers

We are in our 4th reporting period and working very hard to create the best outputs as we can fort he industry.


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