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13 years of EACP

On May 6th 2009, the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) was launched by the City of #Hamburg as part of a European co-funded project.

Exactly 13 years later, it may have gotten a little bit older but they are more eager than ever to promote the European collaboration spirit throughout the aerospace world. Growing steadily, they are representing 45 clusters from 18 different European countries as of 2022.

More than 5.000 #SMEs and larger companies are organized in EACP member clusters, making them the strongest voice of the backbone of the industry.

At least four major events are in the pipeline;

· 22nd June 2022: EACP Innovation Forum at #ILA Berlin

· End of July 2022: EACP GAC Summit at #FIA

· 21st – 23rd September 2022: #EACPVirtualB2B

· 2nd-3rd November 2022: EACP General Assembly


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