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Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association (TSMA) and Aerospace Cluster Association are Honoraty Members, respectively.

Since its establishment in May 18th, 2005 the main objectives of TSMA;

  1. To organize seminars, conferences and symposiums that are of interest to their members

  2. To define common and current problems of the composites industry and devise scientifically based solutions.

  3. To publish a periodical bulletin.

  4. To prepare introductory presentations to promote the development and expansion of the composites market.

  5. To take necessary actions for composite studies in Turkey in order to base them on the scientific principles.

  6. To promote the establishment of quality standards and their applications.

  7. To prepare visual documents about the production and application techniques of composites.

  8. To conduct studies and research projects concerning the technical requirements of the composites industry.

  9. To support research activities of universities on urgent technical matters ; to conduct courses and seminars, to arrange scholarships for M.S. and Ph.D. studies related to composites.

  10. To collect and disseminate information relevant to composites and the association, via the internet ( and bulletin.

  11. To organize educational training courses to increase the skill level of managers and technical / non technical employees to address the needs of the composites industry.

  12. To follow national and foreign literature, composites trade shows, and to create a database for the benefit of the membership.

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