The Aerospace and Aviation Employers are looking for employees who have softskills!

Soft skills are becoming important in workplaces. With Industry 4.0, the business world is moving its focus from technical skills to soft skills. The aerospace and Aviation Sector is not only looking for technical qualifications and experience while evaluating applicants but the soft skills they have. In today’s world, there is so much competition for jobs as more and more people complete university degrees and other levels of training. Recruiters have a large pool of talent and what separates you from people who have the same degree at the same school is your soft skills!

Let us give you some tips!

When it comes to including soft skills in your CV, you need to focus on the ones that you need for the job you are applying for, and you should not just list the skills until you are well experienced. While preparing your CV, do some research, ask your friends and colleagues who know you well, and think about the different experiences you have had such as group work and projects using soft skills.

Don’t forget, Soft skills are the future!

Go to the Project website for more! https://sky-project.eu/en/

Reference: https://www.careersinaerospace.com/career-resources/skills/


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