EACP New Year Greetings

Dear EACP,

2017 is coming to an end and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to keep this network alive, even growing and still dynamic. EACP has taken big steps this year and we shared several nice moments together. This is the result of us believing in this network and having mutual trust in each other.

I would like to stress out a few of my favorite highlights in 2017:

  1. The first global aerospace cluster manager meeting we had at the Paris Airshow: We are still working on a perfect name for this event, but we have realized the idea of bringing almost 60 people together at one day from all over the world, to discuss joint challenges and interests all working in a similar position, supporting their regional aerospace stakeholders as good as possible. It was a very productive and highly interesting summit with great discussions. The result of it was that everyone agreed to meet again at the next occasion to continue this exchange and to continue learning from each other. One of the best things about this meeting was, that we even achieved recognition for it by the big ones as Airbus, Bombardier, ACARE and even the European Commission sent important characters. EACP is getting more and more acknowledgement for the role it has and the support we are offering.

  2. My second highlight was the EACP General Assembly we had in September this year. It was great to welcome 49 cluster representatives from 20 countries at this year’s host in Niedersachsen. This annual meeting has grown from year to year and it is awesome that we broke another record in 2017. This shows the importance EACP received in the last years and I am sure all participant took home with them a big amount of topics, contacts and ideas for your daily business back home; beside the fact that we had a lot of fun together J

  3. I also would like to highlight the initiative we are having EACP internal regarding our approach towards Clean Sky. I was very impressed by the dynamic this discussion developed and how some of you took the initiative to push this idea further. The sharing of experience -, ideas, insider knowledge and influence that we experience in this topic shows the potential EACP has. I would like you to continue this intensity and way and also like to motivate you to extend this format also to other topics.

As we are now closing our office for one week and taking a little rest to enjoy the last days of the year with our family and friends, the team of Hamburg Aviation Office would like to take this opportunity to wish - those of you celebrating - a merry Christmas and definitely to all of you a healthy and happy new year 2018!

And last but not least I have another small personal highlight of this year that of course flattered my EACP heart. Look at this car….what a nice gesture of our colleagues from DAC in Italy. We even had our own EACP van. Thank you Rino and your team for this glorious moment! (for a short moment, EACP had a VIP shuttle service)

So everyone, take care and recharge your batteries, because EACP will need your full energy in 2018!

Anna Maaßen Manager International Affairs EACP office c/o Hamburg Aviation Wexstraße 7 | 20355 Hamburg | Germany


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