HUKD (ACA) is a member of SASAD


Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD)


Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association, with abbreviation SASAD, was founded in 1990 in Ankara with the proposal and support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense.




contribute for a Turkish defence industry which is

  • coordinating with the requirement and acquisition authorities,

  • cooperating with other enterprises in the sector,

  • capable of satisfying defence and security requirement of our country,

  • competing in the international defence market




to contribute to a powerful defence sector by gathering Turkish defence industry establishments under SaSaD umbrella


With 3,39 Billion US Dollars of annual turnover and 817 Million US Dollars of export (2011 figures), Turkish defence industry has reached to a considerable financial size together with a high level of technology. With a number of products our industry is proud to serve Turkish Armed Forces which have an important position and size in NATO.

In parallel with this progress of the defence industry SaSaD gives high priority to:

  • Coordination with the requirement and acquisition authorities,

  • Development of international cooperation and promotion of exports,

  • Representation defence industry sector in national and international platforms,

  • Encouraging cooperation among its members,

  • Reporting financial outlook of the sector,

  • Organising inquiries and developing proposals through specialized committees.



For further information you can reach SASAD web site via link below.


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