Aerospace Cluster Association is a Non-Profit-Organization (NGO) providing various services to its Members related to the aerospace and defense industries’ activities.


Some of our services are:


  1. Support the training and education of technicians and technical experts as per the needs of the industry

  2. To provide guidance to the companies in the sector for their certification needs and provide information on accessing supporting funds (Government Funds, EU Funds, etc.)

  3. Creating network with the local and international OEM’s and developing activities linking the Turkish Industry with their procurement needs.

  4. Building the infrastructure for international collaboration

  5. Organizing awareness activities for healthy development of Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industries

  6. Marketing activities in line with the competitiveness of our industry

  7. Sharing opportunities in Offsets and Industrial Partnerships.

  8. Information sharing on activities, projects and sector related work -------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>


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