Aerospace Cluster Association (ACA) aims to provide services and guidance to the sector in four key areas:  


1. Creating an eco system for Aviation, Space and Defense sectors

  • To support SMEs’ access to these industrial activities and opportunities

  • To facilitate Industry - University cooperation and to create technology based projects

  • To support the establishment and development of collaboration between the Government, Industry and the Academia

2. To support the development of a well educated technical human resources capital in line with the needs of the industry

  • Supporting Vocational Schools and Technical School

    • Creating Apprenticeship Programs

    • Scholarships

    • Creating Job Opportunities

    • Laboratory building and equipment supply  

3. Improving communication with national and international stakeholders and sectoral networking and promotional activities

  • Creating and updating the Member Competency Matrix

  • Cluster Catalog

  • Arranging Buyer’s Delegations Visits

  • Company visits

  • Dedicated Website

  • E-Newsletters

  • Active participation to fairs, etc. and promotion work

  • Information sharing briefings and meetings

  • Participating European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) meetings and partnering in EU-funded projects

4. Facilitating the access of the industry representatives to education and to specific certifications

  • Access to AS 9100 Trainings and AS 9100 Certification

  • Awareness training and guidance to access Government and European Union funds (UR-GE, Horizon 2020, etc.)

Project Activities


AB Erasmus+ HipAir Project

AB Erasmus+ HipAir Project

The Hipair project, which consortium is form of Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, is funded by the Polish National Agency under the European Union ERASMUS + Program and coordinated by the Polish Innpuls firm, started in September 2015. Within the scope of the project which will be completed in August 2017, it is aimed to improve the human resources practices and management systems of SMEs operating in aviation industry with more innovative methods, to share good examples of high performance human resources applications and to create a training curriculum for this purpose. The task of educating the trainer / expert  of the project is undertaken by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid located in Spain. Apart from the ACA, the Aviation Valley (Poland) cluster is also a partner of the proj


International Competitiveness Enhancement Project - Ur-Ge 13

The Aerospace Cluster Association carried out its first Ur-Ge Project from 2011 to 2014.

During the project implemented with the participation of 13 companies working in different fields, the needs analysis study, AS 9100 General Quality Management System Training, AS 9100 Internal Auditor Training and some other sector specific trainings were realized.


EU 7th FP Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Program - European Skills Hub for Aerospace Project

Within the project ,involving 10 cluster organization which are members of European Aerospace Cluster Partnership from 6 countries, aerospace vocational training systems in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and France were analyzed and compared. At the end of the project it was aimed to establish a common education system, but the education systems of the countries participated were found to be very different from each other. For this reason, a common educational curriculum could not be established.

It has been seen that the United Kingdom (which education system is wholly controlled by the industry) and Turkey (which educational system is wholly state-managed) represent two opposite extremities in the project consortium. 

As a result of the project, a communication network was established among the vocational education specialists of the countries participated and within the scope of the meetings Lufthansa Technic was visited by the vocational education institutions.

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Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects


New Ur-Ge (İnternational Competitiveness Development) Project

The application of the second Ur-Ge project was accepted by the Ministry of Economy in August 2017. The duration of the project is 3 years. The need analysis of 17 companies participating in the project has been performed. As the next stage AS9100 educational course is planning to be realized in the upcoming weeks.

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Planned Projects


ERASMUS+ Soft Skills 4.0 for the new challenges in European Aerospace Industry (Sky4.0)

The application of the project was submitted by UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) to the National Agency of Spain as part of the EU ERASMUS + Program. If approved by the EU, the project will start in September 2017.

The project which consortium is formed of Spain, Turkey (HUKD), Poland, Germany and Portugal aims to measure the level of preparedness of soft skills of aviation companies located in mentioned countries and to carry out the necessary training and education programs.

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